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DHNA Charter Progress

The By-Law Committee has been diligently working to create a document that incorporates our community ethos into a set of standards to organize an incorporated DHNA.

The completed document should be available at the end of JUN for the community to review and discuss.

A special thanks to the By-Law Committee for all the time they have donated to this effort!  Keep it going team!

DHNA to Formalize Charter

The DHNA Organizational Committee has identified the need to formalize its organizational structure by developing a charter with by-laws. We ask all interested neighbors to participate in this process.

The meetings will be from 6:30 -to- 7:30 PM at The Church at Decatur Heights. There may also be some work required between meetings (email exchanges, research, etc.) and participants need to commit to attend each meeting.

Meeting Dates

  • THU-08-MAR-2012
  • THU-15-MAR-2012
  • THU-22-MAR-2012
  • THU-29-MAR-2012
  • THU-06-APR-2012

If you are interested in participating, please either Email Us, or Post in our Google Group signaling your intent.