North Decatur Square Zoning Approved

October 1, 2016
north_20decatur_20square-0North Decatur Square Now Officially Approved

The Decatur Heights Neighborhood Association Board (DHNA) is pleased to share that the applications filed by S.J. Collins Enterprises for North Decatur Square, the multi-use development to be anchored by 365 by Whole Foods Market, were unanimously approved by the DeKalb Board of Commissioners at the September 27, 2016 Zoning Hearing.

The DHNA’s key focuses when approaching a development project are: How does it fit with the Medline LCI objectives of connectivity, walkability, wellness, and aging in place? Will it bring beneficial amenities for local residents?  Our goal from the onset was to obtain needed offsite pedestrian and traffic-related improvements which we are proud to have achieved for the community.

Negotiated Improvements:

  • Installation of thermoplastic pedestrian crosswalks at the intersection of Church Street and North Decatur Road, the intersection of Church Street and Sycamore Drive, and on Sycamore Drive near Rufus Evans Drive;
  • Installation of signage warning drivers not to block the Church Street and Sycamore Drive intersection;
  • Installation of either a traffic signal or a pedestrian crossing beacon on Church Street near Milscott Drive
  • Upgraded coordinated signal system timing for the Church Street signal system; and
  • To explore with MARTA the potential for a sheltered bus stop located at the development.

Our congratulations go out to the S.J. Collins team.  The final design reflects their extensive community engagement with its tree-lined multi-use paths, inviting public spaces, and improved pedestrian connectivity throughout the site. The 300 apartments will include a minimum of 30 units of Workforce Housing so as to accommodate hospital workers and others earning up to approximately $44,000 annually. The 365 by Whole Foods Market and similar caliber commercial businesses will be welcome additions to the area.

Their team:

Expanded team:

The DHNA Board also appreciates the many other good things that have resulted from this endeavor. We’ve established ties with Church Street area neighborhoods, joined with board members of the Sycamore Station and Sycamore Ridge HOAs, strengthened our relationship with DeKalb Medical, and gained a new community partner in S.J. Collins. DeKalb’s Davis Fox (Policy Advisor for District 6) and Patrece Keeter (DOT) continue to provide invaluable support for the DHNA’s pedestrian and traffic-related efforts.

Praise and encouragement go to our city and county commissioners as they begin reviewing together the existing plans for the area now that the developments are springing to life. Our sincere thanks to Mayor Patti Garrett and Commissioner Tony Powers for stepping forward on the Church Street area neighborhoods’ behalf.

North Decatur Square will now enter into the construction phase with a slated opening between June and September 2018. We look forward to encountering old friends and new as we walk over to shop, dine and play.

Final Site Plan


For More Detailed Plans See the PDFs Below:





Zoning Conditions (PDF)

Zoning Agreement with Decatur Heights (DHNA) (PDF)
DHNA letter of support (PDF)

DHNA letter to City and Commissioners (PDF)

September 27, 2016 Board of Commissioners Zoning Hearing (agenda items N.6-8):

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