Month: February 2012

DHNA to Formalize Charter

The DHNA Organizational Committee has identified the need to formalize its organizational structure by developing a charter with by-laws. We ask all interested neighbors to participate in this process.

The meetings will be from 6:30 -to- 7:30 PM at The Church at Decatur Heights. There may also be some work required between meetings (email exchanges, research, etc.) and participants need to commit to attend each meeting.

Meeting Dates

  • THU-08-MAR-2012
  • THU-15-MAR-2012
  • THU-22-MAR-2012
  • THU-29-MAR-2012
  • THU-06-APR-2012

If you are interested in participating, please either Email Us, or Post in our Google Group signaling your intent.